You want to work somewhere where you know you're contributing to making the world a better place, We want someone with the skills and passion to help us fight for the poor and needy.

If you have a burning passion to make this world a better place and creative ideas that will drive our organization forward, join us!


Director of Programs

You lead the delivery of our mission to help those in need and love helping people. You’re passionate, driven to learn and succeed, and love taking on the challenge of building and growing.

If you got those characteristics, tell us why you’d be a great fit to lead our Programs department.

Tell us why you'd be a fit:

Director of Finance

Our numbers persons! You understand that the financial health of the organization is essential to its sustainability.

We will empower you with an integrated, data-driven and automated reporting system that allows you to analyse and report as an executive.

Tell us why you'd be a fit:

Community Fundraising Coordinator - Multiple Positions

You're driven, energetic and enjoy working in a high-pace environment. You understand that fundraising requires driven individuals who are go-getters.

Our fundraisers function as designated ground support for all the stuff that occurs in digital. We need you to be on the front lines, meeting donors, meeting community leaders and telling them about the amazing work our organization does.

Tell us why you'd be a fit: