Sudan declares 3-month state of emergency over deadly floods

Authorities in Sudan have declared a national state of emergency for three months and designated the country a natural disaster zone after flooding that has killed over 100 people, and destroyed thousands of homes.

The flooding situation has caused the River Nile to rise to its highest level in 100 years, and has displaced over 100,000 people

Our emergency team is responding in Sudan by providing food packs and mosquito nets to victims of the flood.

*Once the initial Emergency Period is over, all funds, monthly donations and projects will be redirected to other urgent global emergencies.


State of Emergency

Penny Appeal is on the ground responding to the victims of the flood. Help save a life.

$100 for a food pack and mosquito nets.


Our Global Emergency Fund

Each year, we respond to dozens of new and ongoing disasters, emergencies, and conflicts around the world. We provide humanitarian assistance to thousands of people to ensure they receive food, clean water, healthcare and shelter when they need it most.

The Global Emergency Response Fund functions as a streamlined and efficient mechanism to help Penny Appeal Canada respond to emergencies around the world.