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Emergency Response

Help us provide immediate relief and aid to families affected by war, famine, and natural disasters; $500 for one tent, $50/month for a hygiene pack, or $85/month for a food pack.

Our Global Emergency Fund

Afghanistan Emergency Response

The people of Afghanistan are facing violence, danger and great hardship as Taliban has taken control of Afghanistan. The UN refugee agency has said nearly 250,000 Afghans have been forced to flee their homes, wit 80% of those displaced are women and children. Donate a much needed food pack to those displaced.


Flood Emergency Response

Deadly floods and landslides have left many dead and thousands displaced, as Bangladesh and India faces heavy rainfall. Provide an essential food pack to those in need.

South Africa Emergency Response

More than 70 lives have been lost and many reported missing as violent riots and looting continue to rage through South Africa. This has led to a shortage of food, medication, and fuel, along with extreme damages to supply chains in parts Kwa-Zulu Natal and Gauteng.


Palestine Emergency

Penny Appeal Canada is responding to the crisis in the West Bank by providing much-needed medical supplies and aid to support the hundreds of individuals who have been injured. In this multi-phased response, Penny Appeal Canada will provide Essential medical support and Medical equipment.

Afghanistan COVID-19 Relief

COVID-19 pandemic has reached an all time high, as cases surge by 2,400 per cent causing hospitals to fill up leading to a shortage in medical supplies and most importantly oxygen. The healthcare system in Afghanistan has been severely impacted due to the sudden increase in cases.


Past Emergencies

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