On May 20th 2020, Cyclone Amphan made landfall near Jammu Island, West Bengal with 130km/h wind speed.

We are responding in Bangladesh, where 2 million people are being evacuated to crowded shelters – however, COVID-19 could spread rapidly in these settings.

There are also fears that Rohingya refugees living in boats on the Bay of Bengal could be hit, as they are right in the path of the storm.

Donate Food, Hygiene Kits and Emergency Shelters, so that vulnerable people can stay safe during this difficult time.

Your donations can save a life

Your donation can save a life.

Penny Appeal is on the ground responding to the victims of the flood. Help save a life.

$50/month for a hygiene pack,
$85/month for a food pack.
$500 for one tent,


Our Global Emergency Fund

Each year, we respond to dozens of new and ongoing disasters, emergencies, and conflicts around the world. We provide humanitarian assistance to thousands of people to ensure they receive food, clean water, healthcare and shelter when they need it most.

The Global Emergency Response Fund functions as a streamlined and efficient mechanism to help Penny Appeal Canada respond to emergencies around the world./p>