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Big Difference.

Coding for Champions

In partnership with The PS43 Foundation Canada, Penny Appeal Canada is providing students in Toronto with electronic access to further their fascination and learn computer technology skills to address the digital divide in Toronto!

Coding for Champions

After a successful launch in April 2021, Coding For Champions will see a 50% increase in capacity for its second cohort of the program consisting of 150 new students. Each student will receive a fully equipped laptop that they will get to keep upon completion of the program.

Cohort 1 Receive Their Program Kits!

Breaking the Digital Divide

Lack of household devices, financial constraints, and time commitments are barriers preventing hundreds of students from accessing digital literacy and coding education. The COVID-19 pandemic has made this digital divide in Toronto increasingly apparent as some students and families have access to numerous high functioning devices at home, while others have few unreliable devices that are shared amongst many household members.

Through this program, students will each receive a brand new laptop and 10 weeks worth of coding instruction so they can build webpages to present to Pascal Siakam!

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Your donation will provide a student in with access to essential technology and education.

Pascal Siakam

Pascal Siakam was born in Cameroon, and was the youngest of four brothers. Growing up, Pascal went to St. Andrew’s Seminary to become a priest, but eventually decided he wanted to take a different path in his life finding his way to the basketball court.

Pascal eventually was discovered at the Basketball Without Borders camp by, yes you guessed it, Masai Ujiri, who later drafted him out of New Mexico State in 2016 to join the Toronto Raptors. In his rookie year, he became a key player for the Raptors 905 winning the G League Championship, and winning the G League Finals MVP. He quickly became a key part of the Toronto Raptors, winning the NBA Championship in his third season against the Golden State Warriors. He has since become an NBA All-Star and named to the All-NBA Second Team.

Just like Pascal has made a big difference on the court, he’s made one off the court as well with the PS43 Foundation. The not-for-profit charity helps improve the lives of children through educational programming and support.

Each week students will learn how to:

Week 1: Set up computers with Visual Studio Code and Github Desktop to ensure they can write code. Create their first website with HTML introducing the head, body, and paragraph tags

Week 2: Learn tags inside the head to add details about a website and how to use all text based tags so they can creatively display words and text on their websites.

Week 3: Add images to their website from the internet and from local computers.

Week 4: Work with lists of information and visualize information with a table view.

Week 5: Designing websites with inline CSS and maintain all code in one file

Week 6: Separate and connect HTML and CSS files.

Week 7: Create websites with multiple pages and put their first website online with Heroku

Week 8: Understand divs and how to separate a website into different sections

Week 9 & 10: Students will build their own website and present it at the end of the program showcase.

“The more we look at the changes in the world, the root is always technology. I want to help young people see that they have a role to play in the advancement of technology no matter the barriers they face.”

Pascal Siakam